On May 22nd, 108 Fine Art Gallery hosted its first workshop, led by the gallery’s restorer and private tutor, Sarah Charneca. Attendees were taught different painting techniques and given ample time to experiment and create their own unique works of art.

The workshop was inspired by the Brushstrokes and Bees exhibition of artists Andrew Tyzack and William Watson West. Split into two sessions, the day began with Sarah Charneca discussing various painting techniques that would be explored throughout the workshop. Attendees were then given the opportunity to choose their own materials and begin creating. With guidance from Charneca, attendees were encouraged to experiment and let their creativity flow freely.

Creating art has many benefits, including stress relief, improved mental health, and increased self-expression. The workshop at 108 Fine Art Gallery allowed attendees to tap into their creativity and experience these benefits firsthand. By learning different painting techniques and having the freedom to experiment, attendees were able to express themselves and create something truly unique.

108 Fine Art Gallery is proud to have hosted such a successful workshop and looks forward to hosting future events. Be sure to follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on upcoming workshops and events. We hope to see you at our gallery soon!

William Watson West & Andrew Tyzack