‘Life Express’ follows on from 108’s first EP ‘Nine Times Twelve’, 2020.

Written and performed by Andrew Stewart (vocals & guitar). All other instruments played by Jason Odle. Arranged and recorded by Jason Odle at Developing Sounds, Yorkshire, and mastered by Kevin Tuffy of Alchemy.

‘Life Express’ is the first of four tracks from 108’s second EP ‘Dynamite & Alcohol’ due for release in June 2021.

Cover image: Nicholas Jolly ‘Hobby Horse’. Oil on canvas, 2020

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“As soon as I hit the play button I was immediately struck by the artist’s voice. A timbre that communicated freshness and innovation. Real, no frills sounds that go straight to your bones and tickle your soul. A sincere rock, direct able to make you walk the streets of London with an irreverent attitude, songs that bring out that rock spirit that you have in you” EDGAR ALLAN POETS

“With a completely mesmerizing voice, Life Express explodes in well-designed arrangements and becomes a beautiful Rock and very high level Roll. The power of his voice is totally enchanting…. The search for musicality, intelligent and creative elements, elaborated by an extremely qualified and daring musician, is confirmed in the works elaborated by 1.0.8. which happens to be my best musical discovery this year.” ROADIE REVIEWS – Brazil

“It’s like knowing the chocolate cake will ruin your diet but you have to live in the moment and enjoy the cake while it’s fresh. I love this song. Utterly insatiable”
Nicole Mendes – NEXUS MUSIC BLOG

“The message of ‘Life Express’ has been translated into song so well, it makes one wonder where 108 has been hiding. What I know is that I want more of this uplifting and eccentric sound and hopefully that’s exactly what the album will bring”

“108 knows how to write a classic song, and ‘Life Express’ is no exception. Andrew Stewart is emerging as an artist to watch in 2021. He is pushing boundaries and making inspiring music. We are so excited to see that ‘Life Express’ is the first of a four track EP to be released later this year and we cannot wait for the EP to drop.”

“108 had us playing his last EP on repeat as we got lost in the vocals. At times there is a delightful rasp to his performance that drives the brilliance of life into your chest.

“Loving the energy of the track, and the powerful instrumentation”

“…brimming with alt-rock-tinged folksy undertones. It’s so engaging, light, and flowing. Thematically it gives off a rather electrifying tone.” UNXIGNED

(‘Life Express’ ) is such an engaging and inviting world of continually curious sound. The song’s drive was unstoppable…”

“Life Express is blatantly a well crafted track. An objectively solid song and certainly a strong rock track.”