A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Andrew Tyzack paints about our perception of and relationship with animals. These animals inhabit his dreams, and through painting, drawing and printmaking, his animal images are brought together for viewing and inspection, like the inhabitants of a Victorian collection.

Early inspiration came from a boyhood curiosity for all things natural, and from the artists, writers, poets and dancers, such as the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and the poet Liz Lochead, who were visitors to his home. Now bees and beekeeping are the central themes of his work.

Andrew’s recent commissions include portraits, a ‘triptych’ of drawings based on the ‘seductions by Zeus’ in the guise of various animals, and ‘rehearsal drawings’ at the Royal National Theatre, London. Which are now represented in the Carl Heinz archive at the National Portrait Gallery, London, and at the Victoria and Albert Theatre museum, London.

Andrew Tyzack studied Natural History Illustration & Ecological Studies at The Royal College of Art. He was formerly a student of Fine Art at Kingston University.

He has been published in many books and magazines including ‘The RSPB Anthology of Wildlife Poetry’, ‘Drawing & Painting Insects, Crowood Press’, ‘Artwork, Front Cover of ‘Trends in Biochemical Sciences’, Cell Press’.

He exhibits regularly and his work is held in the collections of The Carl Heinz Archive, National Portrait Gallery, London, Victoria and Albert Theatre museum, London, UK, KPMG.

Works by Andrew Tyzack