‘Starting out in Oxfordshire in the 70’s Charlie chose to work in colour with a 5 x 4 inch plate camera, photographing the changing landscape in the Wychwoods. He then moved to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, where he still resides, and has photographed the moors and reservoirs of the South Pennines along with other projects’
In those early days he was perhaps best known for his photograph used by the band Joy Division for the cover of their hugely successful and game changing album ‘Atmosphere’.
Today he is respected as one of the most talented and insightful photographic artists of his generation. From his studio ‘FOLDWORKS’ he works with Kate Mellor on a wide range of individual and collaborative photographic projects, specialising in working with photographers and artists (such as Andy Goldsworthy).
He has exhibited internationally and his work is held in the collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum, Arts Council England, British Council, Countryside Commission, North West Arts.

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“My photography explores the changing landscape and how we interact with it on a local level and how that underpins our sense of place and belonging. During my lifetime I have seen the British countryside steadily change from being mainly agricultural (small mixed farms) to becoming a recreational space, repurposed as a commute and dormitory. While I’m interested in recording this changing layered history, I’m looking for signs of continuing human interaction including the personal touch. My concern is that our urban lifestyle increasingly alienates us from our surroundings, which can appear threatening and undervalued. Recent scientific observations suggest that our relentless extractive processes are having catastrophic consequences on our environment and health. The scale of the problem is contributing to a collective anxiety and sense that there is little we can individually do about it. But in recent years there has been a shift of opinion, encouraged by the media, to win over those who are in denial. With a revival of interest in organic food and the introduction of new technologies, these actions are helping to encourage an awareness of how important our shared green spaces are to us. My photography explores those corners that to a large extent remain hidden and undervalued. Rather like childhood memories, my photographs take on that mystery of being both present and yet set in the past.”

Works by Charlie Meecham