Born in China, Tianyu Zhao is a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art in Contemporary Jewellery. Her work combines hand-made, acrylic paintings and embroidery, which are both directly added to the jewellery structures. Inspired by her childhood, Tianyu is heavily influenced by ‘memories’ and the ‘adult world’, as seen in her chosen colour palletes.

Tianyu was recently named as one of six New Jewellery Designers to Watch by BenchPeg. Her work will be showing around the UK and Internationally this year, including the Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition.

“I use acrylic, handmade embroidery pattern and painted fabric as an integral part of my creative process. I strive to capture the beauty of this combination. I focus on improving the wearer’s sensory experience through their interaction with the piece. 

I want to express that don’t forget the things you once you owned, treasure the things you can’t get, don’t give up the things that belong to you and keep those past things in memory.”

Works by Tianyu Zhao