Exhibition of twenty paintings at 108, 15th June – 12th July 2019

Born in Scotland in 1941, George Rowlett attended Grimsby School of Art, Camberwell and the Royal Academy Schools. He was taught by Frank Auerbach and Euan Uglow, and has won several major awards for his art. His paintings can be found in numerous international collections including The British Council, St Andrews University, Northern Arts, Hiscox, Nuffield Foundation, Price Forbes, Anglo American.

George exhibits regularly throughout the UK, and internationally; including South Africa, North America, and Germany.

His work has been featured by The BBC, The Spectator, The Financial Times and Art Review, with reviews by Andrew Lambirth, David Lee, William Packer and many others.

“Unlike so much contemporary art, Rowlett’s work encourages the habit of delectation. It is resonant and audacious: his colour and design a joy to the eye, the facture of his surfaces a delight to the senses. This is paint to be relished on many levels, from the instinctual and emotional, to the sensual and evocative.”… “George Rowlett begins and ends with paint: his pictorial thought is centred on the activity of applying it, and he feels as well as thinks through it; in effect he sees through it. And his appreciative, celebratory way of looking at the world raises our enjoyment of it a thousandfold.”


Works by George Rowlett