Born in Zimbabwe in 1995, Jasper Pedyo attended De Montfort University, (Furniture Design) then Leeds Arts University, (Fine Arts). He currently lives and works outside of Sheffield.
His work is a pure expression of colour and form as a way to thrust his ideas of beauty and aesthetic to a larger audience.
Jaspers’work sets out to expand on traditional art composition, by abstracting the shape of the canvas form, referencing pop culture. His intentions are for the viewers to experience his artwork with solely instinctive and physical responses to the work’s structure, colour, and surrounding space rather than with contextual or interpretive analysis. Thus he presents bold and contrasting colours, free of gestural brushstrokes or recognisable imagery.

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Jasper Pedyo endeavours to create a powerful and beautiful visual experience.
Jasper Pedyo’s paintings are highly influenced by the philosophy of Alexander Baumgarten, who coined the term ‘aesthetics’ in 1735. Aestheticism, to Jasper, is very important.
“I intend to provide the viewer with an environment of visual bliss; the work’s purpose is to be experienced solely with an instinctive and  physical response to its structure, colour, and surrounding space.  The combination of binary colour and textures are used to absorb and reflect light, the viewer, by means of their own reflection in the lacquered black inserts, able to perceive themselves in the work.”
 Jasper’s work aims for visual harmony, reminding the audience of the material and ethereal nature of painting. The tension in the shaped canvas accentuates the surface and texture of the paintings, the stretchers providing a framework for the 3d canvas structures, into which, flat, high gloss panels are inserted. His use of bold symbols of a cross, square and circle recognise art’s formal elements, as well as referencing buttons used on console controllers.

108 Purchase Award 2018

Jasper Pedyo was the winner of the ‘108 Fine Art Purchase Award’ in 2018. Jasper follows in the footsteps of some of the greatest UK artists of the past 100 years, who have started their journeys at Leeds College of Art – including Jacob Kramer, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Joash Woodrow, Marcus Harvey and Damien Hirst.

An exhibition of Jasper’s degree work was shown for the first time at 108 Fine Art in August 2018.

Works by Jasper Pedyo