Lily Macrae is a painter based in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2016,  she graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, in Fine Art Painting. Since 2016, she has had sell-out shows, including Best of Scottish Graduates in Glasgow. Her work draws elements from the human architecture of old masters, and places them in a contemporary aesthetic.

Earlier this year, Lily worked at an artist in residency at Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo, supported by The Hope Scott Trust. She has spent much of her time between the UK and Japan since 2018, where she worked with The British Sasakawa Foundation. Merging together the traditional Japanese culture with romantic themes and palletes, Macrae blends the beauty together in her work.


Interview with チャリツモ Charisumo about 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan

The Herald Luxury Magazine March/April Edition ‘Bricks and Mortar’ Art Pistol

Works by Lily Macrae