Do You Know Who I Am Riot Couture , after Scottish school, circa 1910 Oil on canvas

Riot Couture are a group of artists who work independently of one another, creating a range of designer riot wear for the discerning and fashion conscious rioteers. The range includes scented atomisers, hi-viz designer clothing, children’s wear and an extensive range of accessories.”

Their acclaimed GOLD BULLION BRICKS are made from standard building bricks. Each one is coated in seven preparatory layers of traditional gesso and rabbit skin glue, before the final veneer of gold leaf is painstakingly applied and burnished using slices of agate. The Brick series includes the ‘MASS BRICK’ in  terracotta and a ‘POLICE’ brick in fetching black and white checks (not available to the public).

Currently Riot Couture are working on a series of augmented Victorian and Edwardian paintings, some of which are available to view at 

Works by Riot Couture