Born in Yorkshire, Steve Dilworth studied at Maidstone College of Art. He moved to the island of Harris in 1983, where he has lived and worked since.

His work has been displayed internationally, in Chicago, Illinois, Hawaii and Germany. In 2002, Steve’s work was featured in Thinking Big’ at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. His ‘Worlds in a Box’ exhibition organized by the South Bank Centre became a UK Touring exhibition for The British Arts Council.

Steves work incorporates the landscape in all it’s forms, from ancient rock formations, metals and timber to the skeletal remains of animals and other naturally found objects, which he sometimes encases within his sculptural work.

Numerous public and private collections hold his work including the Scottish Arts Council Collection, the Knox Collection, Dundee City Council and Cass Sculpture Foundation. His sculpture has been featured in a wide range of publications, television programs and films, including a BBC1 programme entitled ‘Excess’ and in the ‘Alternative Turner Prize’ Late Show on BBC2.

Works by Steve Dilworth