William has now been painting for over a decade. Having moved from Yorkshire to London, he continues to work with a bold use of colour and texture producing evocative abstract, predominantly acrylic paintings that offer a challenge to the viewer whilst maintaining a satisfying aesthetic inspired by his memories.

“As well as maintaining an aesthetic quality to my work, I hope to create something more challenging to the viewer.
Channelling feelings of frustration, happiness and anguish, I work spontaneously, in moments of intense production driven by raw emotions and pure impulse. Sometimes a painting will take minutes to complete and others months as I go back and forth adding brushstrokes. This can be a painful process but these feelings also relate to wider ideas of purpose and in essence are ways of exploring the unexplainable and trying to find meaning.

Both the rural and urban landscape and the flora and fauna within them are other sources of inspiration. Based upon a foundation of direct observation and drawing from life this often filters into my work and adds substance.

The resulting artwork is increasingly abstract and expressionist with the use of vibrant colour palettes and intriguing compositions”.

Works by William Watson West