‘An Exhibition of visual artists and designers, working independently,
but with common links – A Zeitgeist moment’.

9th November – 30th November 2019

ZEITGEIST is the first exhibition to have been curated by sisters Scarlett and India Stewart, following the footsteps of Andrew and Gillian, who have organized exhibitions for the past twenty years at 108 Fine Art Gallery. The physical scale of the works on show will range from the microscopic work of Salavat Fidai from Ufa, Russia, who carves replicas of iconic monuments onto the ends of pencils – Including the US show, Game of Thrones. Visitors will be provided with magnifying lenses. At the other end of the scale, we will be exhibiting the magnificent wooden and inlaid metal sculptures, by a recent graduate, Richard Goldsworthy. Bringing a new look to the gallery, the Stewart sisters are introducing some of the most exciting contemporary talents to emerge in recent years.