‘Hesitator’  by Crows Feet – from their debut album ‘Hornets Nest’  

Nominated for Scottish Album of the year 2017

Paintings by Nicholas Jolly



One’s to watch – Young Glasgow based band Crows Feet. Formed in 2015 and now with six members, this group of highly skilled innovative individuals are storming ahead with five star performances at King Tuts in Glasgow, backed up with their magnificent new album ‘ Hornets Nest’. 108 are delighted that they have chosen to present their music on the 108 website, complemented with the work of GSA graduate Yukako Sakakura and the paintings of Nicholas Jolly.  

Recent reviews

To say that Hornets Nest is excellent would be an understatement. We honestly cannot recall the last time we have been so enraptured by a record like this, one that constantly has the chills running up the spine and the hairs on end.

With just one album, Crow’s Feet have immediately established themselves as ones to watch, and they will almost certainly make a significant impact within the Scottish music scene; that is if they had not already. Small Music Review 2016

“With the elegiac but ever skyward, soaring ambition and natural flair that you’ll find in the likes of Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Mogwai, ‘Alarm Clock Bones’ is an incredible launch for Crow’s Feet. If this is just for starters, we can’t wait to see what comes next.” Gigwise 2016

“As a statement of intent, it’s just fantastic – a track that invites you to wonder what will come next from Lewis and Crow’s Feet. Review of’Alarm Clock Bones. Netsounds 2016

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