Introducing the Francois Troubat Chair

Art is not limited to canvases and sculptures alone; it can be found in the form of furniture. At our art gallery, we’re thrilled to present a unique piece of art that blurs the lines between furniture and sculpture: the Francois Troubat Chair. Crafted in 2012 by the talented artist Francois Troubat, this chair is a testament to the artist.

A Glimpse into the Francois Troubat Chair

The Francois Troubat Chair measuring 176 x 81 x 60 cm is a limited edition piece of art. The chair features a crescent-shaped padded luxurious velvet velour arm, encased in a metal bois casement. The blue crescent patine metal motif on the top of the chair immediately draws the eye.

What truly sets this chair apart are the three circular padded luxurious velvet velour cushions. These cushions are a stunning contrast of red and gold colours, adorned with central buttons, all elegantly encased in bois metal. The chair stands on three distinct blue ball feet, each of which is a sculptured metal foot, further enhancing its artistic appeal.

The rear of the chair is equally impressive, with a button-backed velvet velour finish, secured with large metal pins. To authenticate this remarkable piece of furniture, Francois Troubat’s signature can be found on the rear foot.


The Francois Troubat Furniture Collection

Francois Troubat is an artist whose work challenges the boundaries of traditional art forms. He is passionate about his experiences, particularly his travels through Africa, which have deeply enriched his art. His exploration of diverse cultures and traditions is reflected in his creations. The Francois Troubat Furniture Collection is a testament to his deep appreciation for human shapes, juxtaposed against the hardness of the materials he works with.

The influences in Troubat’s work are eclectic and rich, drawing from baroque, oriental, ethnic, and tribal styles. His creations are an embodiment of theatrical fluidity, where the elegance of his designs transcends the mere utility of the furniture.


The Francois Troubat Chair can be viewed at the 108 Fine Art Gallery. For further information, please contact us at or 01423 709 108.

Francois Troubat Chair, 2012
Velvet and metal
176 x 81 x 60 cm

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