Bee Keeping

Beekeeping in Britain
Oil on Linen
174cm x 140cm
Andrew Tyzack’s painting: ‘Beekeeping in Britain’ was recently licensed for the front cover of ‘Trends in Biochemical Sciences’.

Bee Keeper

Beekeeper & Death's-head Hawkmoth
Oil on linen
63cm x 58cm
A beekeeper is represented alongside a Death’s-head hawkmoth, which is both the beekeepers’ nemesis and a momento mori. The Death’s-head Hawkmoth occasionally enters beehives to steal honey, if unsuccessful it will be stung to death by the resident bees. The mummified corpses of Death’s-head Hawkmoth are sometimes found by beekeepers in their hives.

B. Hortorum

Garden Bumblebee (B. hortorum)
Colour pencil on paper
26.5 x 31.5cm

New Bees 150509086_3

Worker Honey Bee
Mezzotint and engraving
6 x 5cm

New Bees 150509086_2_2_2

Drone Honey Bee
Mezzotint and engraving
6 x 5cm


Bumblebee Queens
Hand coloured mezzotint
18 x 20cm


Garden Bumblebees
Coloured pencil on paper
51.5 x 62.5cm


Andrew Tyzack

British Bumblebees - Extinct and Extant
Hand coloured mezzotint