Morgan van't Hoff

As part of our Summer exhibitions, we invite you to visit ‘Time Within Time’ with Morgan van’t Hoff.

Step into the world of Morgan van’t Hoff, an artist who has recently captured our attention, from the materials used to the subjects presented. Last year, amidst the preparations of The Andrew Stewart Award Exhibition celebrations, we had the pleasure of connecting with numerous supporters, leading us to Morgan van’t Hoff. Recently graduated from Camberwell School of Art (UAL) in 2023, Morgan now presents ‘Time Within Time’, a debut solo exhibition at 108 Fine Art gallery in Harrogate.

At 108 Fine Art, we take great joy in supporting new artists, and this summer, we have an exciting lineup of events that feature recent fine art graduates. Before The Andrew Stewart Award Exhibition takes place on 24th August 2023, we are thrilled to offer a pre-show of Morgan van’t Hoff’s exceptional work. This exhibition marks a Season of Renewal for us, where we lovingly refresh our gallery with new talents, embracing an innovative and heartfelt direction for the future.

As we discover the next generation of artists, making their mark on the world of fine art, we invite you to visit Time Within Time – 12th August until 30th September 2023.

For further information, please contact the gallery:
01423 709108

Oil on canvas
90 x 90 cm
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