Painting Restoration

At the end of 2022 we received a phone call from a client that a fire had broken out at their home, which had affected multiple paintings. Carefully delivered and thoroughly inspected, the team at 108 Fine Art cleaned the paintings to their former glory and received warmly by the owner.

If you have any queries regarding painting or drawing restoration, please do get in touch and we are happy to help.

Drawing Restoration

In addition to painting restoration, we also provide restoration of works on paper. In this drawing of ‘Portrait of a Peter Doeffler‘ by Joash Woodrow, the original artwork (left) was carefully cleaned from the natural elements that had darkened the drawing. With utter most care, the drawing (right) is in good condition and received by the owner.

Framing – New and Old

‘The Wanted (7)’ by Amer Shomali was brought to us by a customer who was looking for a unique style of frame. After an initial discussion on the options available, a decision was made on a textured frame with a blue tint to highlight the blue hues within the drawing.

Similar to paintings, over time framed pictures can suffer from the effects of ambient UV light, heat, pollution and other environmental factors. We have also undertaken the bespoke framing of a William Powell Frith painting to the clients specifications.


Do you need advice?


If you have any queries regarding painting conservation or framing, please get in touch:
01423 709 108 / 07798 908857

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